About Eco Services

About Eco Services

Eco Services is an independent consultancy dedicated to achieving better environmental and commercial outcomes for our clients.

As a highly focussed consultancy, we work with clients who need to meet the rigorous environmental requirements of the Tanzania Government, Aid Organisations and International Banks. With long experience of the environmental issues relevant to Tanzania, we provide a service that is as effective as any global organisation—but with a far more cost-effective fees structure and more compatible with the requirements of Tanzania, its people, and its environment.

The Eco Services team has successfully completed projects throughout the country, using a dedicated hands-on approach to take each project from the initial concept and feasibility stages right through to completion and hand-over. Our key areas of expertise include environmental consultancy, environmental permit application, environmental monitoring, environmental training and environmental research, over a wide range of industry sectors. Clients are mainly positioned in primary practice areas: Gas & Oil, Energy, Water Resources & Waste Water, Mining & Industrial, Logistics, and Construction.

Every project is treated as a unique deliverable. To achieve this, we set up project teams led by senior personnel who have exceptional experience in their relevant fields. This strategy ensures that we are able to maintain a clear focus on client need in order to remain continuously proactive and responsive to regulatory requirements, and to each client’s business objectives.

Expertise, Local Knowledge and Global Insights

Our services blend professional analytical and operational expertise with a high degree of operational competence and efficiency, enabling us to respond quickly and effectively to client needs.

Extremely proficient at the skills of engineering consulting, we are also well versed in statistical and data analysis, and highly detailed, in-depth research. This combination allows us to know what to look for, how to analyse the results, and how to present our findings so that they make sense and become immediately actionable.

We know our way around domestic processes, policies and regulatory requirements, and are fully conversant with all aspects of both public and private sector methodologies, and local customs and mind-sets. Also, insights we have gained from working with major international organisations over the years have given us in-depth understanding of global environmental and sustainability policies that can be applied to the Tanzanian landscape.