Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

Tanzania’s global partners in development are fully aware of the need for a well-structured, factually-accurate ESIA. It’s a prerequisite for obtaining approvals, grants, financing and any number of other critically important authorizations to enable a given project to proceed.

At Eco Services we have the insights and local knowledge needed to enable the accurate predicting and assessing of any potential environmental and social impacts that may come to bear on a proposed project. And we use our experience to evaluate alternatives and devise realistic, effective mitigation, management and monitoring plans.

An ESIA designed and prepared by us is a comprehensive multi-faceted document that is more than a technical justification: it often forms the basis of legally binding commitments between stakeholders that can be integrated into an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP).

We have extensive experience in compiling highly acceptable ESIAs and ESMPs for industrial, commercial and governmental projects; with particular emphasis on oil and gas, renewable energy, mining and infrastructure.

Taking a fully integrated approach we can provide a comprehensive range of related services that cover all aspects of environmental and social impact considerations; incorporating internationally-acknowledged critical elements including biodiversity assessment and offsets, human rights and health issues, and critical habitat and ecosystem services assessments.